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Custo Barcelona Air Show


Custo Barcelona Air Show
S/S '10 Womens and Mens Collection
Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

This 2010 Spring/Summer collection definitely captured an ethereal essence mixed with a sultry spice. Custo's signature use of colors popped in this season's collection with the utilization of textures and eyelets. HOT. I must also mention as well, the models were g-or-ge-ous.

The pumping music combined with the lighting design, accented this fantastic runway, highlighting each piece. Somehow, watching the runway, I felt uber-sexy, like dancing, and flying simultaneously.

SEEN: Tinsley Mortimer, Micah Jesse, Lauren Rae Levy, Estelle, Kenan Thompson, Federico Castelluccio, Liliana Chudinova, Custo Daimu, Kristen Dalton, Stormi Bree Henley, Mark Indelicato, Stacie J., Yvonne Maria Schafer, David D'Angelo Brandon Davis, Fina Ferrer, and Lindsay Day.